Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Harper's Ferry

As one could imagine, this ruling by Chief Justice Taney angered many and made many happy. One of those people who got angry was our old friend, John Brown..and he was just as crazy as before.

He had an idea to establish a nation of freed slaves in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Brown Approached many Abolitionists for support. They were kinda creeped out.

But Brown was able to find one, Theodore Parker, who would finance a raid on an U.S. Arsenal at Harper's Ferry. There were lots of guns there. With the guns, he would arm slaves and then they would revolt.

Frederick Douglas tried to tell Brown that this plan probably wouldn't work, but remember, Brown is crazy.

One night in October, Brown and 21 followers captured the arsenal. Then they spread word to slaves to revolt.

None of the slaves were willing to run away and join the revolt.

In the morning, the local towns people surrounded Harper's Ferry with guns and trapped Brown and his people inside. Some were killed, including his sons. The rest were captured.

Brown and six others were caught and sentenced to hang, Brown never let up on his cause.

In the North, people questioned his sanity, but he was still seen as a hero.

On the Day that John Brown died, church bells rang throughout the north.