Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sherman's March to the Sea

Meanwhile, down south, General William Tecumseh Sherman was marching through with his 100,000 troops, they were on their way to Atlanta.

The Confederates attacked Sherman's troops, but the only thing that accomplished was losing a quarter of the Confederate troops....ouch.

Sherman was easily able to enter Atlanta, and he brought Atlanta a present, he brought fire.

Sherman destroyed the city of Atlanta, as well as the railroad tracks. This was a devastating blow to the South.

Sherman's march also helped Lincoln get reelected in 1864. Along with this, the 13th Amendment was passed. This ended slavery. The war was winding down and Lincoln kept a positive attitude toward the South.

After Sherman burnt Atlanta, he continued his march to the sea to capture Savannah. Sherman's army left behind a destruction path of 300 miles long and up to 60 miles wide. It was a highway to hell.

Sherman's troops reached Savannah by December and had it wrapped up with a bow by Christmas.

After Georgia, they hit up South Carolina and North Carolina. Then Sherman was headed north to meet up with General Grant.


  1. Sherman's March did not help Lincoln win the election. He had won before the march. I think I more stupider after looking at this website.