Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Colonies

The Colonies were pretty interesting and there are many interesting stories about them. Such as the lost colony of Roanoke, or the crazy high jinks in Salem Massachusetts, where the very first "New World" >Your mom joke[8] came from. These are some examples that have made America America...lost people and accusing innocent people of witchcraft..ok, well maybe not what makes it America, but gives it some pizazz(?).

The 1700s though was a huge time for the colonies and so it is the next stop on our journey.

In 1754 there was a war, the French and Indian War. This was not between the French and Indians, but the French an dIndians and the British and the colonists, makes sense right? This was a fight for Canada and long story short, the British won.

The land in Canadian control went into the British hands. This is important because that was pretty much the end of French colonization in the New World. This made England super happy, because they hated France. A lot.

After the war with France, England had a bit of a problem, that problem was called debt, no one likes debt. So they decided to tax the colonies, they first started out with the Sugar Act. This was not popular, especially around Tea Time. You know those British and their tea. Fights would often break out in the colonies...weapon of choice? Spoons.

Other Acts and taxes followed such as the Stamp Act which taxed printed materials, like this blog if it were in a paper form. Then there was the Quartering Act, this required colonists to house and feed British troops.

After this there were more and more stipulations. The Colonists were tired of a King who didn't even live near them telling them what to do. Things were tense.

[8] “Your mom’s a witch”


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