Monday, August 31, 2009

The Whiskey Rebellion and such

Farmers and settlers in rural Pennsylvania were not happy. They hated the tax on whiskey.

They hated it because they made whiskey and they made money off of whiskey. Everyone LOVED whiskey. So their reaction was to attack tax collectors and burn down barns!

These farmers also talked of creating their own nation. And then Washington steps in [40].

Washington came with a militia, the farmers were like, wow, we made him mad....crap. The farmers gave up and the rebellion was over. The lesson was learned; Do NOT mess with George Washington.

Washington dealt with other issues in his presidency...such as what to do when there is conflict abroad.

In 1789 the French Revolution began. This was an out right mess. Lots of people died and there were 95,000 new governments established in France [41]. Then France and England were at war [43]. Both Britain and France wanted the U.S. on their side. Washington opted to stay neutral. They were a new country, they had their own problems.

After 2 terms as president, Washington was done. In his farewell address he told the country to stay out of political parties, and foreign affairs [43].

After Washington was president in comes John Adams....

[40] He said, "Oh hell no"
[41] give or take a few
[42] as usual
[43] which of course we didn't.

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