Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ugghh again?

Now America had a Constitution, a Bill of Rights and we need the right guy to lead our awesome country. Who should this be? Why...George Washington, That's who!

On April 30th of 1789, Washington was inaugurated in New York City. It was a party, there were ever fireworks!

Washington named members of the very first cabinet [35]. This is a tradition that still happens today. The first members were Henry Knox [36], secretary of war, Thomas Jefferson, secretary state, Alexander Hamilton, secretary of treasury, and Edmund Randolph was attorney general.

After this, Congress met and the Judicial Branch was formed. And then...taxes [37]. Yes, again, the U.S. was in debt because of the Revolution.

[35] You can't keep cereal in this cabinet!
[36] The "Knoxinator"
[37] Again?!

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