Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Dare You Tax my Whiskey and Snuff!

Alexander Hamilton proposed 2 taxes. One would be a tariff. This is a tax on imported goods, like those Persian rugs you love so much. The second was an excise tax, this taxed liquor, sugar, snuff, and carriages. This was not popular.

Eventually, there was a compromise. The nations capital would be moved from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. This made the south happy, maybe those taxes weren't so terrible after all.

Then that Hamilton had another idea. He wanted a National Bank, was there anything in the Constitution about a bank? NO! But, Hamilton said it was covered under the necessary and proper clause.

Jefferson thought that was redic. But even though Jefferson felt this way, Washington still signed the bank bill and people no longer had to burry their money in a mason jar in the backyard [38]

So, we were on our way, things were going smoothly..oh, never mind, there's a bump in the road [39].

[38] Even though its how I prefer to do it..
[39] and it smells like whiskey

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